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Live Wedding Painting at the Most Unique Wedding Venue in The Catskills, NY

The most unique wedding ceremony site I have had the pleasure to live paint was on a mountain summit at Windham Mountain Club. I, and all the guests, had to take a chairlift usually used for mountain bikes all the way up to the summit. It was a smooth ten to fifteen minute ride over grazing deer and wildlife, and directly into the clouds. It was quite enjoyable, after I made sure my 3ft canvas wasn't going to fly away down the mountain like a kite. The Windham Mountain Club did a great job of setting up the ceremony on a platform overlooking the valley below. They had fireball whisky and hot apple cider available or the guests as they arrived, adding a thoughtful touch to a chilly, wet day. The arbor was decorated in full dahlias and eucalyptus, with burgundy and muted accents. As soon as the ceremony was finished, the staff helped the guests get back on the chairlift and everyone made their way to the reception hall on site. The venue even trucked up the couple's dogs so they could be in attendance without risking the chair lift. This was by far my favorite ceremony to be a pat of. I spoke to other live wedding painters, and all of them said they wouldn't risk going up a mountain with their supplies, but I loved every second of it. I am a big backpacker/hiker and adventure lover myself, so it was great fun. The Windham Mountain Club is the best wedding venue for an adventurous, nature-loving couple. Venue:

Live Wedding Painting on top of a mountain in Windham, NY Catskills by Cody
Live Painting of Windham Mountain Summit Wedding in the Catskills, NY

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