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Frequently Asked Questions


What do you need from the venue?

I need a roughly 5’x 5’ space to set up. I will need a nearby outlet to paint indoors or outdoors at nighttime. I will bring own easel, stool, and travel table. 


Will I get the painting at the end of the night?

No. I add final touches to the artwork in my studio to ensure you get the highest quality art that I can produce. Also, do you really want to be responsible for transporting a wet painting?


When will I get the painting?

4-6 weeks depending on how busy the season is. The majority of this time is to allow the paint to cure so I can varnish it.  Oil paint takes weeks to cure. Varnish protects the work and extends its lifespan.


Can you put people who aren't there in the painting?

Yes! I can include folks who couldn't make it and deceased loved ones. This can be a really special touch, especially if it’s a surprise for someone. All I need is a photograph of them.


Can you make a painting from a past event?

Yes! This is called a ‘studio commission.’  In many cases there will be more refined detail in a studio commission because there isn’t the pressure to work quickly.  I will need photographs of the event.


Will you frame our painting for us?

 I can, yes. A frame can either add to or detract from a finished piece, so some folks prefer help.  This service is an additional price not included in the event painting or studio commission quote.


Do you accept tips?

This one is completely up to you! I will accept it, but it is not expected.


How do you find the people to put in the picture?

You'll appoint a person to wrangle them up for me - usually a bridesmaid or family member.


When do I pay?

25% non-refundable to secure your date, then

75% one month before the event.


Can you add my dogs?

Yes! No problem.  When you book, please send me a photo

of your fur babies so I can practice. 

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