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Frequently Asked Questions


What is live event painting?

Live painting is when an artist paints at an event while the guests can watch. Often it is at a wedding, but it can be any event.


Will I get the painting at the end of the night?

No. I add final touches to the artwork in my studio to ensure you get the highest quality art that I can produce. Also, this means you can request edits to the work before I varnish it, ensuring you love it.


How much does live wedding painting cost?

You can see my prices here or fill out my inquiry form to get a custom quote.


Can you put people who aren't there in the painting?

Yes! I can include folks who couldn't make it and deceased loved ones. All I need is a photograph of them.


Can you make a painting from a past event?

Yes! This is called a ‘studio commission. In many cases there will be more refined detail in a studio commission because there isn’t the pressure to work quickly.  All I need is photographs of the event.


Will you frame our painting for us?

 I can, yes. A frame can either add to or detract from a finished piece, so some folks prefer help.  This service is an additional price not included in the event painting or studio commission quote.


Am I supposed to tip a live wedding painter?

This one is completely up to you! It is customary to tip vendors ~10%, but I do not expect it.  A rave review is also a great way to say thanks.


How much does a live wedding painting cost?

My packages start at $2,200 and go up as the canvas size goes up.


When do I pay for a live painting?

25% non-refundable to secure your date, then

75% one month before the event.


Can you add my dogs and cats?

Yes! No problem.  When you book, please send me a photo

of your fur babies so I can practice. 

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