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What is live
event painting?

Preserving your favorite moment for a lifetime...

Live event painting, also known as live wedding painting, is where an artist paints live at an event so the attendees can watch. This is usually seen at weddings, however live painting can also be done at bar/bat mitzvahs, Quinceanera's, sporting events, fundraisers, and any other type of gathering.  A live painter adds a wow factor  to any event.

"My husband and I are filled with joy every time we look at the beautiful painting created for us by Cody. She's the best live painter in NJ! It was such a pleasure to have her involved, taking her time to walk us through the entire process, and making sure to incorporate everything we wanted." - P.M.

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Live Event Painting

A single oil painting, started on-site an hour or two before your event begins, and finished by the end of the night. The work is highly customizable and I will work closely with you, your venue, and your vendor team ahead of time to make sure your event goes on without a hitch. Each package includes a zoom consultation before your event, travel fees, varnishing, painting around the edges of the canvas, and hanging wire installation - and two rounds of edits in my studio to ensure you truly love the final product.

Watercolor Guest Portrait Bar 

5"x7" watercolor and pen abstract sketch of each of your guests. This service is an excellent way to add a fun, interactive element for your guests.  Watercolor portraits are done on-site of the attendees, averaging 6 minutes per couple and 100 guests per five hours. Each portrait comes with a 5"x7" cellophane envelope. Several options exist for parties with guest lists larger than 100. 

Watercolor guest portraits NJ
New York City NYC Wedding Painter

Studio Commissions

Choose a photo of your favorite memory and let me turn it into an instant heirloom for you. This oil painting can be done in any style of your choosing, and sizes range from 16"x20" and up. Packages include varnishing, edits, wiring, and painting around the edges of the canvas for a contemporary, finished look - and that means you don't need to buy a frame! Common themes and requests that I get for commissions are favorite memories, pet portraits, unique anniversary gifts, and grandparent gifts.  I also work with interior designers to create custom design elements, office decor, bespoke furniture, and murals.

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About Cody

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Cody is an award winning NJ-based  live painter who began her classical training over 20 years ago, studying traditional oil painting at an art institute under master painters. She then spent time in Paris, France, learning plein air painting (outdoor painting) before earning a bachelors degree in fine arts in 2009.  Since then she has worked as a professional contemporary artist in several different mediums, and have been featured in many exhibitions, publications, and interviews. 
Her painting skills settle in photo-realism, but she has a special love for impressionism and non-representational art.

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