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BeetleDoo Visits

Here at BeetleDoo, we meet kids at their level.  Our crew uses singalongs, animation, puppets, and interactive games to get kids understanding the power of their mind, bodies, and being kind.

We consider school, library and business visits on a case-by-case basis and can tailor our performance to your current curriculum highlights. We bring our puppet theatre, songs and playful energy right to the kids and learn about how to get through challenges and take care of ourselves, each other and the planet.



"Smith Clove Elementary School had the pleasure of hosting Beetledoo at our school for two days.  Jordan and Cody were professional and extremely engaging for our young students.  All of the kindergarten and first grade classes were entranced by the visit.  Days later, students were still singing Beetledoo original songs and exclaiming... "The author visit was awesome!"  The Beetledoo duo taught our students about caring for ourselves, others and the environment.  It was an enjoyable and enlightening  presentation encouraging our students to grow, explore, learn and spread kindness.   Thank you, Jordan and Cody!" - Catherine Gardner, Librarian 

It's important to us that our visits focus on interacting with the students and getting them to engage with themselves. With a little help from our puppet team, we get everybody involved. Learn a little about a few of the stars of our show below! 

The Stars of the Show!


Our puppet Yorbi, short for

"Your Breath", has a lot of great tricks to tell you about and feels especially great when you give your breath some attention!


Blorki is an alien from another planet. He loves to come out and play, but he can only understand  you if you speak his alien language... The secret is to say everything in a whisper.


Clawdette is our three-toed sloth who loves to remind you how much fun being slow can be. Take it easy and don't move too fast, she can't keep up!


Robby is a robot made doodley-dads and whirly-cogs.  He's the expert on the Wiggly Reboot, a dance move that can reset your focus when you just can't quick  wigglin'.

Sunny is our shining sun who loves to groove to a good beat! 


Booliet is a fun-loving ghost and amateur chef. She especially loves cooking her famous Spooky Soup. She often needs help cooling off her delicious dishes. And when we cool off her food, we cool off, too!

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