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The Epic Journey of an Orange


The Epic Journey of an Orange introduces kids to mindful eating practices.

By following the seed-to-table journey of an orange, readers are encouraged to fully appreciate their food and shown how to turn mealtime into a mindfulness exercise.



"Most of us eat without thinking much about it. In fact, we're usually doing something else at the same time, such as watching TV or reading or playing on our phones. Eating mindfully enables us to become more aware of the food that nurtures us, and it allows us to appreciate, not just the food itself, but the time and effort that so many people put forth in order to get that food to us. ... When children know that, when they appreciate all that is involved, they can spend some time enjoying their food, exploring its tastes and textures—and, not unimportantly, how it makes them feel after they've eaten it. Mindful eating offers benefits of more than just awareness and focus but also of gratitude and appreciation, which all of us—not just our children—could use a little more of."
- Royal Fireworks Press

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